Marianne Friday Night Fighting Track Style

Hellyer Friday night track races...
Friday night Carol and did a couple of track races at Hellyer Velodrome. The first was 15 laps (~3 miles) with points awarded to the top 4 finishers. The next race was a Win & Out, win and you ride off track, next winner rides off . . . until you are the only one racing and Mike Hernandez, the announcer, can ridicule you for the entire lap. NOT REALLY!! Though, he does seem to especially enjoy doing that. The first finishers on designated laps get points but so do the people left at the end of the race. (Did I mention each race has different rules which seem to assign points randomly . . .) Anyway, it's all about crossing the finish line when points are awarded, generally just listen for the bell lap and plan to cross the finish line first on that lap. Carol is very fast!! I got a point in the last race-9 laps. I was once again reminded you can't stop pedaling. I was almost bucked off as I started to coast after crossing the finish line but reacted in enough time to stay on. Here is a photo of us lined up. Can you tell who the powerhouses are? Yep the 1st, 2nd and 5th gals. Also, here's a great photo of the "big boys" finishing one of their races.

I'm heading back out this Sunday May 17: warm-ups at noon, races at 1:00 p.m.---**** <> ****************

Let me know if you want to carpool. Berkeley Hills RR-2.7 laps, 51 miles The weather was puuurfect; cool and clear. The course is composed of few straight aways, mainly climbs and descents on smooth wide roads. My bike (and me) got the wobbles on one of the long fast descents. It is terrifying if you've never had it happen. Your bike starts shimmying laterally, then it wobbles more and more as you pick up speed, usually 40+ mph. I told myself "If I fall I will REALLY hurt myself! Get it together!" I took a couple of deep breaths, squeezed my frame with my thighs, slowed down and finally tamed the bike. I then had to put the hammer down to catch back on. Ugh! Anna led the entire race and pushed the pace. Her lead group dropped us handedly on the second climb (Papa Bear) of the second lap. After another lap, I finished third in the second group for 12th place. I was happy. I expected some of the lighter, younger gals to fly passed but they didn't. It's a tough race and tough finish. I recommend it!

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