Karl and the Mendes Crit

Team,I was thankful for a 1230 start and warm weather for the open 3 crit. It seemed like a fairly full field of 80-100 riders but no teammates today as many were riding in Berkeley Hills tomorrow. The course was wide open with a short sprint to the finish of 200yds on a .75 loop. Avg pace was 27 mph but felt smooth. Moved up thru the pack with about 10 laps to go and hung out in the top 5-10 riders. Kept catching other riders wheels as the last 3-4 laps ramped up considerably and was constantly looking back to keep from getting swarmed. Last lap I was in good position at 4th place until about 600m to go and a few riders moved up where I couldn't stay in position. 2 corners to go and I was in 9th with the wind at our back feeling good doing 32+ when the pack got out of the saddle to go and I hesitated because I thought it was too early. Big mistake as they gapped me 3 bike lengths and I came to the final corner in 9th and finished there too. Had I went with the pack its hard to imagine that I wouldn't have gotten top 6 at worst but that was a stupid mistake that I don't plan on repeating. I should have counted on the lead moving earlier with the wind behind us at that point in the course. Next crit will be specialized Folsom or San Jose Memorial Day. Can't wait to hear Darin's RR and others along with Keith in the P1/2.

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